What You Need To Know About The LinkedIn’s Redesign?

In the emerging digital marketing world, LinkedIn plays a significant role in almost every digital marketer’s life. It turns to be the best social media platform to get engaged and to build your brand’s visibility with its astonishing reach to more than billion users.

What You Need To Know About The LinkedIn’s Redesign

But to your surprise here is great news that the LinkedIn admins have revealed about the design of their site. Yes, you heard that right. The LinkedIn’s website is re-designed to a newer look and here is a checklist of what you need to know about the new redesign.

To mention a point about this, not everyone has the new redesign yet, but soon everyone will be able to adapt to the newest design of the site. And it’s going to be a great bid to stand out on the cutting edge of the Web Design.

With the new redesign, the website is fully committed to a new card based look, and the new look has some simplified icons as like in the mobile interface. Some of the hidden features are also are now bring to the front.
Let us take a quick look…

New Menu Bar:

The icons in the old menu bar may look smaller, and its hard to find the functionality of each of the icons.

While, in the all new menu bar, to the contrast to the old menu bar, it is highly visual and even more compact. It also highlights each section of the site that you most likely to visit often.

And under this menu bar, you may find a quick snapshot of your LinkedIn profile – that is, your profile picture, your profile’s cover picture, content views, your profile headline, recommendations and the details about you.

You can also buy LinkedIn recommendations from some of the quality service providers to boost your profile presence.

Newer Notification Tab:

The old notification tab will be very skinny, and it will be very smaller which might annoy you at some point in time.

Don’t worry, and you don’t need to deal with this smaller notification tabs anymore. In the newer design of the LinkedIn’s website, you will have a full sized notification feed, which will look exactly like your LinkedIn’s home page.

And the best part about this new notification area is that; you don’t need to click through a notification to respond, you can directly respond to the notifications from the feed itself.

All New Sharing Experience:

If you are still using the older version of LinkedIn, then you may find a space to share your thoughts just on your news feed. Here you need to click through a link to share different types of content.

To make sharing the easier one, the newer redesign will encourage you to share the content in an easier way with just a type. You can simply start to type to share your thoughts.

You can also buy followers to list under your new menu bar and this will generally considered to be the best way to boost your profile presence among the network.

There are many more features beyond this in the newer redesign of LinkedIn. Do you have the new design yet?