Whatsapp Rolls out 3 New Awesome Features

Whatsapp is the most popular and frequently using  messenger. In WhatsApp, You can share pictures, videos with your friends and also you can chat with your friends in any part of the world without any charges. You don’t credit the  balance to use WhatsApp, once if you have internet balance on your mobile, you can use WhatsApp.
Suppose if you have an internet access, you don’t have a balance in your mobile to make an outgoing call, you can use WhatsApp to make a call, send a text to your friends and also WhatsApp have profile setting option, so you can put your picture as your profile picture and set  the best Whatsapp status and so on.

3 new awesome features:

1)Zoom in/out videos:

This method will completely change an earlier video recording way. In your mobile or desktop, If you want to use this features, What you do is while videos  are recording in the app, you need to slide your finger up and down in order to zoom in or zoom out.

2)Bigger emojis:

In this trendy world,  one of the handiest features in WhatsApp is speaking bigger emojis. Previously only the heart emojis will be sent big and animated after that WhatsApp introduce, When you tap to sent an emoji, It will appear bigger than usual. Only it will appear big when it sent singularly. If you want to set a love status for whatsapp you can also use heart emojis.

3)Quickly delete, archive or mark chats as read:

Previously if you want to delete or archive some contacts means, you can’t have any options to mark many numbers of contacts at a time, you can select one by one only. But after that, Nowadays we have that option,If you want to archive or delete some contacts means you can select and mark many contacts and you can delete.