Motorbike Transport by Train in India

Transporting motorbike through train is the hot talk in Indian railway. India is a big and oil using when compared to other countries. Everyone is expecting and what need to do for transport a bike on the train. The process is to pack, load and pay for clerk. It is a very simple process and there are some general instructions and charges available for this.

There are two ways to transport a motorbike through the train. They are

  1. Luggage: Luggage means the bike is transported in the same train which you going to travel.
  2. Parcel: Parcel means the bike can be transported on any train in the specified train route.

The 3 Process of transporting bike via train are described below:
Packing: This means you have to empty your bike petrol tank. It has been checked by the individual corresponding to the Indian railway department. The fuel/carburettor should also be an empty. Indian Railway is strict regarding this point. If your bike has more fuel then it wrapped around them and extra safety measures has to follow. The cost is not more than 200 in a metro city and make sure you should only carry a minimum amount of fuel in the tank when packing.
Booking: After checking your bike whether it has empty petrol tank and packed properly, then you have to show the bike registration and insurance papers. And the charge is collected for transporting and has to add 1% of bike value. In case of any disaster in a train, you can claim.
Loading: This process is only done by railway employees. Your motorbike should be handled carefully and placed safely inside the luggage compartment.

In future, these options can also available on online and now you can check pnr status of train to a current position of the train.