What does MICR code mean?

MICR define for Magnetic Ink character recognition code used by the financial institution and banks in India for processing and clearance of cheque easily and to find duplicate cheques. You can find MICR encoding line at the bottom of the cheques which includes bank account number, bank code, document-type, cheque number etc. MICR code reader directly read the code and process information. Unlike “Barcodes”, MICR code can be easily read by humans.


MICR code Fonts:

Two major fonts are adopted by the international standard in ISO 1004:1995. CMC-7 is the 15-character set and E-13B is the 14-character set. Among these 10-numeric character and remaining control characters.

MICR code font E-13B is standard in united kingdom, united states, canada and australia. Besides 10 decimal digits, following symbols are also used in MICR code:

⑈=> [on-us: delimit the customer’s account number]
⑇ => [amount: delimit the transaction amount]
⑉ => [dash: delimit the parts of numbers]
⑆ => [ transit: delimit the bank branch routing transit number ]

Many european countries like russia, turkey, germany, romania, including italy, france, mexico, brazil are using CMC-7 font.

How to find the MICR Code for any Bank branch?

There are many ways to find MICR code. One of the easiest ways is to find through cheque book. Each and every check leaf have MICR code of the branch. You can also check it through internet. From Indianbankdetails.com you can find IFSC code, MICR code, SWIFT code for all the branches of 165 computerized banks in india.